Mission Statement:

To help improve the quality of life in our community and to make it a better and safe environment for our children.

Stags CoachCoaches are viewed as teachers, mentors, role models, friends, and as leaders in the community in which they become involved. Coaches contribute to the community, have an enormous effect on the development of our youth, and participate in a great learning experience.

Here at STAGS Basketball Club, we are always looking for volunteer coaches, however, to ensure that participation in sports is safe, fun and friendly for children, we follow the Volunteer Canada’s Safe Steps Screening Program. Our volunteer formal recruitment process includes completing of an application form, interview, and Police Records Check (PRC).


If you are interested in becoming a better coach? or want to take your coaching to the competitive level, STAGS will assist you on formal coach training and certification through National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP). To learn more, please visit www.coach.ca.


If you are interested in volunteer coaching position with Milton Stags Basketball, please click here.