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Staglets (Born 2010 & 2009)

Building over-all motor skills

Boys and Girls born 2010 & 2009

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Note: If you child was born in 2009, has attended our Jr. NBA and Staglets program in the past and you feel that he or she is ready to play organized games in a league environment, please look into our House League program (boys and girls).

Program information

This program is about “Active Start”, focuses on learning fundamental  movement skills and building overall motor skills. Fundamental movement  skills are the building blocks of success in sport and life-long enjoyment of physical activity, and children who develop them are more likely to engage in activity both as children, and later as adults.

This is where it all begins!

This program is model to LTAD.

What is LTAD?

Human development from birth to adulthood is a continues process. To understand the process better, experts divide human development into distinct stages with specific characteristics: these are called stages of development.

In Canadian sport, experts have identified seven stages of development, each with own physical, mental, emotional, and cognitive characteristics. This is our Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model, and its the basis for the optimal training and competition kids need to enjoy sport the most and perform their best.

It is important to remember that a child’s ability to master fundamental movement skills takes time and series of development stages is typically required. Despite children maturing at different rates, each one learns fundamental movement skills in the same phases:

When a child can learn a skill – Must wait until brain is mature and muscles are strong enough

The child is ready to learn the skill – Muscles and nerves have developed so the child now has to learn the skill under simple instruction and practice.

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