Milton Community Funding

Milton Stags Basketball Club acknowledge the generous support of  Town of Milton Cummunity Funding. The fund is for purchase of new electronic scoreboards, rep-team basketballs and NCCP coaches training.

This grant has a huge impact in our youth program. The electronic scoreboards will increase the accuracy and quality of the game experience for all players, coaches, referees and spectators. The addition of scoreboards will also reduce the volunteer requirement and will allow for volunteer hours to be used in other required areas. Additional basketballs for rep teams will allow for each player to have more individual time with a ball during practices to improve their over-all basketball skills.

NCCP training courses, coaches in the organization will gain valuable knowledge and skills that will be utilized to instruct the praticipants. The result of this will include a higher standard of play, greater competitiveness of rep teams and and over-all improvement to the teaching method with in the program.

SPECIAL THANKS to Community Services Advisory Committee (C.S.A.C.) and the Community Services Department for forwarding their recommendation to the Town Council.